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5 reasons to become bearded

More and more men have adhered to the bearded style, especially the younger ones, whether with it full or thinner. If you have the urge to keep this look, here are 5 arguments to start the new bearded year:

• Beard is not synonymous with sloppiness – just like hair, beard also requires special care and the national market is already prepared for this demand. The personal care segment offers a range of products dedicated to the hygiene, moisturizing and appearance of wires, such as control of rebellious wires and coloring for grays.
• Beard is the DNA of modern man – formerly, not shaving could be considered a sign of slackness, but today it is synonymous with style, charm and virility.
• More and more famous people wear beards – whether they are national or international film stars, notable football players, soap operas or models, the beard on younger men is on the rise.
• Beard saves time – raise the blade to the man who is not too lazy to shave! Leaving it big saves time in the daily routine, needing only one day a week to trim and model.
• Beard is democratic -Leather style, closed, gradient, well-designed or without definition, the beard looks good on both modern and cool men as for the more conservative.

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