Activists create group that shares job opportunities among lesbians

If today technology has become an important ally in the fight against intolerance, and exclusion, a group of activists have resorted to the reach of social networks to undermine the foundations of lesbophobia. Together they created the group “Indicate a Sapa”, which shares job opportunities and other services in a network of empowerment and professional inclusion.

According to a study released by the UK’s Anglia Ruskin University, the likelihood of an interview offer for lesbians is 42.7% lower compared to heterosexual women

With 2,665 members, the forum was created in April this year and has the support of groups and movements linked to the rights of lesbian women – as in the feminist collective Sapa Roxa.

Recently, the publicist and one of the organizers of the Ana Claudino group, in an interview with the newspaper Brasil de Fato, commented on the initiative: “We realize that many of these women suffer persecution in the workplace because of their sexual orientation. The situation worsens in the case of black lesbians, who suffer double prejudice. So the dialogue, the approximation and the exchange of information function as a network of affection and psychological support. “

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