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Aesthetic treatment arrives in Brazil as an option for people with HIV

Although the technology for the treatment of seropositives has evolved considerably, especially in the last two decades, very little is said about the aesthetic question, so important for the maintenance of the patient’s self-esteem. In this sense, one of the main doubts is what type of procedure can be performed, above all, that does not conflict with drugs ingested to control the disease.

One of the major innovations is the use of facial fillers. Within the symptoms presented by those who contracted the HIV virus, fast weight loss is a true tormentor of good looks. “Usually, the individual presents atrophy and loss of facial volume,” explains João Nardo, manager of quality and regulation of Sinclair Pharma, an international company of aesthetic dermatology.

According to the specialist, ELLANSÉ®, filler of the brand, still in the authorization phase, disembarks in Brazil in early 2018 and promises to revolutionize the aesthetic treatment for this group. “Our proposal is to bring back the patient’s self-esteem. With an increasing life expectancy, due to the improvement of medicine, well-being and beauty must be together in this walk, “he reiterates.

ELLANSÉ® restores the volume and redefines the contours of the face, as well as being an excellent alternative for the reduction of wrinkles and expression marks that also appear with aging. In addition to the naturalness, which contrasts with the dreaded super corrections, the product can have effects perpetuated for up to 4 years!

In addition, the filler stimulates the formation of new collagen. “Sinclair has raised the banner of responsible beauty because it believes in the natural response of our body. Therefore, the portfolio products work with collagen stimulation and are free of toxins. In the case of Ellansé, for example, the texture of the skin only improves over time thanks to PCL, Polycaprolactone, which enters the body, stimulates the production of collagen, “concludes Nardo.

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