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Alderman changes speech and apologizes in Maceió

The ordinary session of the City Council of Maceió this Tuesday (17) was crowded to hear the pronouncement of councilman Ronaldo Luz, from the PMDB, who last week caused controversy by classifying homosexuality as a pathology, that is, a disease.

In a short speech, and repeating part of the content of an official note sent by his advisers on Tuesday morning, the councilman changed his tone, apologized to society, and tried to point out his criticisms now to Rede Globo de Televisão, which, according to the councilman , would have attractions with content that trivializes sexuality.

The councilman apologized nominally to the Metropolitan Archbishop of Maceió, Dom Antonio Muniz, who classified Ronaldo Luz’s statements as “incitement to hatred”.

“I would not like to stay on this controversial topic because it does not get you anywhere. I want to ask the Maceioan society, the Alagoan society. If I’m offended, I want to apologize. I want to apologize also to Archbishop Antonio Muniz for the way it was understood by those who interpreted when I spoke on Wednesday of last week, “said the councilman, directing the attacks to Rede Globo.

“My theme on Wednesday I wanted exactly was to repudiate the globe TV with its programs and novels, which lead to an information trivializing sexuality. That yes was the main theme. I am a natural selfless person. A hardworking and honest man, “continued Luz.

Several plenary colleagues then asked for the floor in a chorus of support for Ronaldo. Without naming the name, all were against a “councilman who used the social networks to take advantage of the controversy”, referring probably to the councilwoman Tereza Nelma was publicly opposed to the posture of Ronaldo Luz.

The only councilwoman to publicly repudiate the speeches of Ronaldo Luz, Tereza Nelma responded to the veiled attacks. But the good-neighborly policy made her consider and congratulate her colleague on her apology.

“Last week I said that your speeches surprised me, for all your behavior in this House. I do not need to be in a whisper, I always assumed that I was defending human rights. But when on Wednesday, I heard the councilman’s speech, surprised me, to see the councilman talk about something that 27 years ago was taken from the hall of diseases, by the World Health Organization. I am not afraid, I would repeat everything, if was necessary, “said PSDB councilwoman.

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