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American soldier accidentally leaves the closet and is surprised by his colleagues

American soldier Connor Curnick remained in the closet for a long time, afraid of the reaction of his colleagues. Unwittingly, the revelation happened when they discovered his picture with another man in his photo. And the reaction of the others was unexpected.

“I was alone at the moment and in tears, and I decided to open up – yes, I’m gay, I told them. Reactions began to manifest, and to my relief and surprise, they were overwhelmingly positive. As I lost some friends, the ones closest to me got even closer, because I did not have to lie about who I was and for the first time they knew what really happened in my life, “he said.

“I feared that I would be rejected by people with whom I was already a friend, terrified that the leadership above me would look at me as less of a man, or that any achievement attributed to me be for being gay and not my merit. I was completely and totally wrong. In fact, some of the homophobic people ended up being the biggest sympathizers with me. ”

Connor also said his life has begun to change since he became gay and every offense feels stronger.

“Last spring, in combat training before my deployment to Afghanistan, someone discovered that I was gay, walked up to me and said,” I’m glad I’m not unfolding you, I would not trust my life to a fag. – this despite the fact that I am one of the best marksmen in my class – I use comments like this to feed my fire to succeed in everything I do, “he said.