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Approved the creation of the State Day of LGBT Pride and Citizenship, in Rio de Janeiro

The Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro (Alerj) approved in the first discussion, on Wednesday (18/10), the creation of the State Day of Pride and LGBT Citizenship. The bill was drawn up by Congressman Carlos Minc (without a party). The date will be celebrated on June 28.

“We made that proposal seven years ago and she’s going to vote now. It is important, because it was the strength of the street demonstrations, the largest in the country, more than one million people in São Paulo, 800,000 of Rio, who made the rights to advance, especially in the STF, where the homoaffective partnership was recognized, ” said Minc.

The congressman said that Rio must plan public actions and policies to eradicate homophobia, with an official date of celebration throughout the state. The 2010 bill came to be filed at the end in 2011, but returned after being approved by the House Constitution and Justice Commission and now will wait to return to the agenda in final vote.

saiba antes via instagram @revista.maisjr