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Bahia Pride Parade will add white band to rainbow flag calling for peace

The traditional rainbow flag, which universally represents the LGBTI community, will be white in its version in Bahia. From September, when the 16th LGBTI Pride Parade in Bahia, Salvador, a white band will be sewn on the flag, as a way to ask for peace and confront violence against members of this group.

With the campaign “The community asks for peace”, the Gay Group of Bahia (GGB) explains that it was inspired by the crime rates against the LGBTI community, which, according to data gathered by the group itself in 2014, suffered 326 murders in Brazil , And in 2015, according to data from the site Homofobia Mata, had a total of 318 crimes where the sexual orientation of the victim was the main motivation for the cause of death.

“The community calls for peace, especially requires public bodies, authorities and good men and women, a caring and caring look for this population,” GGB president Marcelo Cerqueira said in a note.

Still according to a survey done by the group, by the middle of this month, 249 crimes have been accounted for all over Brazil, a growing graph that does not decrease.

The theme of this edition of the Parade will be “The LGBTI community of Bahia asks for peace!”. The event takes place on September 10, a Sunday, from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., in Campo Grande.

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