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“BBB 18” participant makes racist and homophobic comments

The list of participants of “BBB 18” was announced last Thursday (18) and brother Marcos Caruso already has his name involved in controversy. Netizens have discovered offensive posts with homophobic and racist content linked to the boy.

In one of them, he defends the ideas of Jair Bolsonaro and says that he is not obliged to see “two bearded ones kissing in front of a child”. In another comment, he asks: “Do men who have lights in their hair have a greedy butt?”

Worst of all was: “we can not pay attention to those who have sex with the excretory organ.”
Commenting on the death of a boy over the use of supplements he made fun of the fact and, racist, said that the friend is more “dark.”


saiba antes via instagram @revista.maisjr