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“BBB 18” suffers first loss before debut

The “BBB 18” has already suffered its first low and before the debut, which takes place next Monday (22).

One participant, who was already confined in the hotel, asked to leave. The information was confirmed by the director of the attraction, Boninho, on Twitter.

“Look how crazy. You are chosen for the BBB, do test, sign up, go through everything. Ai burst goes to the decompression and asks to leave. Guys, this is not the first time. We lost one today. But we’ve already put two to replace, “he wrote.

“Our side. Everyone who gave up at this stage was “forgotten.” Protected. We have the respect of choice. We do not consider giving up. BBB is power, when you do it, you can “freek out”. Super natural. It makes parrrte. ”

Participants will be unveiled on Thursday (18).

saiba antes via instagram @revista.maisjr