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Bianca Bin talks about panic syndrome: “there comes a point that we have to empty”

In an interview with Estrelando, Bianca Bin, Clara from “The Other Side of Paradise”, told how she does not absorb the strong scenes of her character in the 21h novel. She took the opportunity to recall the time she had with panic syndrome.

“I take care of microphysiotherapy, a French technique, little known in Brazil. It is a touch-level cellular reprogramming. It is as if our body recorded all the traumatic situations from childhood and this was filling some pots. There comes a point that we have to empty. This technique helped me with my anxiety attacks and when the first symptoms of Panic Syndrome appeared, “he said.

Bianca also spoke of the repercussion of Clara. The actress says that in the street victims of violence have already reached her.

“It’s beautiful the number of women victims who find me and open their hearts and their lives to me, they tell me their reports so generously and I thank them,” he said.

saiba antes via instagram @revista.maisjr