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Book on homosexuality in the light of the Bible is released by the Christian World

The Christian World publisher launches this month the book Homoafetivo Christian? A loving look in the light of the Bible, written by Lisânias Moura, senior pastor of the Morumbi Baptist Church.

In addition, Moura holds a bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Ministry and a Master’s in Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary in the United States. He also pursued other professional activities: He was a professor for fourteen years in the Biblical Seminary of the Word of Life.

According to information published by Mundo Cristão, the book addresses issues related to human sexuality and the difficulty that many evangelicals have to deal with and live with homosexuals.

“Aware of the sense of revulsion that many Christians are faced with when they have to deal with the issue and without giving up Christian orthodoxy, the author seeks to build bridges of dialogue on one of the most sensitive issues today,” says the publisher.

Lysanias claims that prejudice is not defended by the Bible. “The Bible makes it clear that Jesus’ love does not depend on color, social status, schooling and, much less, sexual orientation. Christ wants to give everyone a full and abundant life in the broadest sense of the word, regardless of any circumstance”, said the author.

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