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Brazil registers increase in AIDS cases

The absolute numbers of new AIDS cases in Brazil, unfortunately, have increased. And growth is in total against the same rates collected around the world.

According to UNAIDS, the United Nations arm that controls the epidemic, the number of new infections per year has increased 3% in the last six years.

The same period, in the world, recorded 11% contraction in this rate. The increase, however, is considered as small: the jump between 2010 and 2016 was a thousand new cases, going from 46 to 47 thousand.

Asked by the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo about the data, the Ministry of Health minimized the impact of the news, and also claimed that the large population causes distortions in the analysis.

Still rebutting, he indicated that the infection detection rates, collected by dividing the number of cases by the number of inhabitants, are the numbers that should be used.

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