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Brazilian UFC fighter promises to beat up fellow trans

Brazilian UFC fighter Paulo Borrachinha used Facebook to attack fellow American Fallon Fox, a transgender woman who fights in MMA. The statements were made at the request of Marco Feliciano (PSC-RJ).

“He has done absurd cowardice, not only him but the promoters of this event who have accepted this kind of absurdity. He has simply annihilated with the girls who have fought against him, he has massacred, put their physical integrity at risk, “he said.

“He’s a man struggling against women as if he were one and that’s absurd that can not be accepted. (…) It’s not because a person calls themselves transex, or who has a sex-change surgery, that it will change their physical structure from day to night, “he added.

In the end, Borrachinha admitted the urge to fight Fallon and beat her.

“I would love for this Fallon Fox to fight a man fighter, a fighter ready to give him a beating. Even I put myself at the disposal, I would fight with him for free, anywhere, just to beat the guy. It would not take much time, a few minutes, “he finished.