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Campo Grande City Hall wants review of the LGBT Parade project

Mayor of Campo Grande Marcos Trad said during today’s agenda that if the LGBT Parade project was approved, it could harm the public by assigning responsibility and organization to the Executive. “They give the whole event control to the city hall. What if the next mayor does not want to do it? The project needs to be redone, “he said, justifying one of the reasons for the veto.

The mayor suggested that the LGBT public redo the project using as an example the March for Jesus that is already in the calendar of the city. “The March, for example, we who give institutional support, Agetran, municpal civil guard and public toilets. But the responsibility is all of the organizers, the evangelical community, “said the mayor.

Another justification for the veto of the project is that if the city had approved, it would be unfair to the other segments. “I can not take the public money and bank. Go to Jesus if there are people who are against. The money belongs to the people, so I can not use the money to play Parada Gay, “he explained again.

Another concern is with security and possible occurrences during segmented events. “Imagine if any accidents happen at these events, regardless of their nature? The city that will be responsible? I do not want this. I will not play segment event. I’m not against any event, but do not ask me to be responsible and organize them, “he said.

The mayor stressed that he does not want the city to have that responsibility and advised the LGBT community to redo the project. “We will give all institutional support as long as the responsibility is theirs. I can not coordinate, I have to take care of the city, “said Marcos.

Concerned about the comments that may arise from the veto, the mayor has already said that he has no prejudice with the LGBT public. “The first official LGBT Municipal Public Policy Subcommittee installed and decreed in Campo Grande was in our management. There is no prejudice whatsoever and those who want to go there are being mean, “he said.

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