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Campo Grande Mayor to veto gay parade on official city calendar

Mayor Marquinhos Trad (PSD) said he will veto the bill that includes the gay parade, in the official event calendar of the Capital. He justified that in this matter approved in the City Hall, the municipal power is responsible for organizing the event, which would bring expenses to the public coffers.

“I have nothing against the event, but the project transfers all the responsibility to organize and organize the event for the city hall, which we can not agree on, because it will bring expenses to the public coffers and at the moment we are not promoting events for any segment” , said Marquinhos.

The mayor advocates that the organizations and associations of the LGBT movement (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender and Transgender) organize the event, leaving the municipality to support the issue of logistics, security and traffic. “If there is this change in the project, I will have no problem sanctioning,” he said.

Marquinhos says he has already spoken with councilors and representatives of LGBT entities on the subject, explaining the justification of his veto. “They (representatives) also understand that the event should be organized by the entities and not the city hall to be the front of the realization”.

He also compared that in the case of the “March for Jesus”, which is included in the Official Capital Calendar, municipal law does not pass on to the executive, the responsibility to organize. “We gave support in the logistics and transit part, without investing public resources.”

Controversy – When councilors approved this project, there was controversy in the City Hall session, so much so that the vote was tightened, by 13 votes to 12, to include the “Stop the LGBT Citizenship and Show of Diversity” in the official calendar of Campo Grande . The “minerva” vote came from Cazuza (PP), who was presiding over the session on August 10.

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