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Canadian child is identified without gender defined in the document

A non-binary trans person managed to get the child he generated to take a document without gender identification. Canadian Kori Doty explained that the baby was born in November outside the health system, at a friend’s house, and therefore did not undergo a medical inspection to be registered as female or male. The family wants the child, when he is older, to tell which sex

In the child’s health card, where the genre should be, there is only the letter U, probably “unspecified” or “unknown” – “unspecified” or “unknown” in English. Initially, the document that gives entitlement to medical care in Canada was denied to the baby.

As for the other documents that the child will have to take over a lifetime, such as a passport, for example, Kori waits for the outcome of the LGBT groups’ struggle. Countries such as Australia and Canada are working to create the nomenclature of a third option for genders, but Kori is afraid that this will cause people identified as such to suffer discrimination.

Why no gender?

Kori says a sex marking on a birth certificate violates the rights of the child as a Canadian citizen, its freedom and security, according to a note on the website of the group “Gender Free ID Coalition”, which fights for gender freedom in Canada. As a person. “The expression of gender has been protected by the Human Rights of British Columbia, the city where the baby was born, for a year,” the statement said.

Kori’s decision about the baby itself was taken from his life experience. “When I was born, doctors looked at my genitals and assumed what I would be, and that attribution followed me throughout my life,” Kori told the CBC News website. “The gender assignments given to me were wrong, and I ended up needing to make a lot of adjustments on me since then.”

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