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“Chemsex” still a recurring concern, says British militant

British militant Davis Stuart has warned of the link between AIDS and the so-called “chemsex”, a practice seen as common among homosexuals where there is the union of sex with the consumption of narcotics.

Stuart runs a program that assists supporters of this practice. In a statement, he explained that using drugs like methamphetamine or mephedrone causes uninhibited sexual feelings.

Currently, unprotected sex allied to nights of drug use is believed to be responsible for 6,000 new cases of HIV infection in the UK annually, which has been repeating since the year 2009.

The alert, however, is more evident when one considers the current “drugs of fashion”, considered more problematic. “One milliliter of GBL (gamma-butyrolactone) may be enough to achieve the desired effect, but 1.8 milliliters can kill.” In London, a man dies every 12 days for taking GBL, “explains Stuart.

Austrian, Davis arrived in London in 1989. He discovered that he was HIV positive and for years he was a chemsex practitioner. After being arrested in 2005, he started to devote himself to a drug prevention association in the LGBT community. And today, despite the difficulties, it celebrates the 42% drop in cases of HIV infections in the last six months.

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