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City Council approves LGBT Parade on calendar in MS Capital

City Councilors of Campo Grande approved the complementary bill that establishes in the official calendar of the Capital the “Parade of LGBT Citizenship and Show of Diversity”. With the vote tied, it was necessary to vote the minerva of the president of the session to resolve the impasse.

The score was 13 votes in favor and 12 against. Those opposed to the bill claimed that the event being included in the official calendar would bring expenses to the municipal treasury, while proponents said the justification did not proceed and the celebration took place years ago in the city.

During their votes, those who voted for the bill to be unapproved made it clear that this was not a biased action, but took into account only the budget issue involved.

The proposal was put to the vote and finished tied at 12 to 12, it was up to the president of the session, the councilman Derly de Oliveira, the Cazuza (PP), to jump in favor of the approval of the project.

The mission would belong to the mayor, João Rocha (PSDB), but he can not attend the session, since he was meeting with the president of the Santa Casa de Campo Grande.

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