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City of São Paulo opens call for AIDS Walk

The AIDS Walk, which will be held on December 3, is open for people or companies interested in supporting the initiative. The Official Diary of the Municipality published the edict last Friday (20).

In view of the large increase in infections among young people, there is a need for visibility and coping actions that promote the society’s discussion of prevention and treatment of HIV.

The goal of the walk is to raise the awareness of the population in all spheres – from the beginning of facing HIV cohabitation to prevention. It is also necessary to demystify the preconceived idea that seropositive people can not, through proper treatment, achieve an excellent quality of life.

According to LGBT Policy Coordinator Ivan Batista, the aim of the action is to get people’s attention – regardless of gender, sexual orientation or social class, providing the opportunity to open their eyes to life and its wonders. “Being HIV-positive is not the end of the journey, but the beginning of a new path, with greater responsibilities,” he says.

The Project – The AIDS Walk project originates from AIDS Walks, which take place in the United States and are embraced not only by the LGBT community, but throughout society – that promote them as a way to encourage prevention and reduce prejudice.

The LGBT Policy Coordinator met AIDS Walk in New York in May, where he also visited the local UNAIDS office to present a proposal for a Brazilian version of the walk.

The complete notice can be checked by clicking here.

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