Couple creates shop with clothes without gender to break stereotypes

Gender-less clothing breaks a stereotype of how men and women should dress, since they are not targeted at any specific (male or female). The idea of ​​opening a non-gendered clothing store came when Paola Penna and girlfriend Larissa Rodrigues realized that they did not fit into a feminine pattern and could not find stores that would break that stereotype.

Following this desire to make pieces for both genders, they seek to neutralize a possible corporal difference between men and women. “Not every woman has a ‘female’ body, and not every man has a ‘masculine’ body,” explains Paola.

As the target audience are young people who run away from stereotypes, the store had more positive than negative responses. But despite this, some people still find it difficult to understand their proposal. “The traditional ones still have the rigidity of understanding feminist critiques and gender identity,” says Paola. “There is immense prejudice around these issues, but I believe the scenario is changing.”

Blue x Pink

According to Paola, the colors are not tied to the genre, and when they create a pink garment, it does not mean it was meant for a woman to wear. “This color division between the sexes comes from a sexist discourse,” he says.

But although pink is attributed to women and blue to men, women often wear blue garments without much criticism. When it comes to men, wearing a pink shirt or pants is still something that makes a joke. “In the conception of a sexist, this inferiorizes him as a man and categorizes him as ‘feminine’,” explains Paola.

The idea of ​​the pair is to break stereotypes and give more freedom when it comes to choosing clothes and styles. For them, opening a store was a way to challenge imposed standards and see transformations in society.