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Couple discards waitress service for being lesbian

That the world is full of absurdities, this is nothing new. However, the negative news now comes from Belo Horizonte: a waitress was a victim of discrimination and homophobia after a couple refused to be served by “a dyke”.

Another bar customer, Nathalia Trajano, witnessed the homophobia case, and promptly posted what had happened on her Facebook. She only realized what had happened when the waitress, with her “eyes full of water,” told her that she would not be served any longer because the couple next door had asked her to be changed.

Soon, Nathalia called the manager of the establishment with her friends. And astonishing: the citizen said that he did not agree with the attitude, but that he could not do anything. Outraged, she and her friends took satisfaction from the couple; The man denied the situation and wanted to leave for the aggression.

Police were called but arrived after the couple left the establishment. In the networks, the publication has already hit 1 thousand shares; The waitress, Juliana Aparecida Ribeiro da Silva, 33, said she had been paralyzed by what had happened and felt bad. After the incident, she said the manager asked her to stay for a while on the second floor of the bar, necessary for the couple to leave and she return to the station.

“The restaurant is not to blame for having got customers with that view. I preferred to retreat. But I felt really bad. Especially when I noticed the proportion I took and I saw the gravity of what was involved, “he told RecordTV.

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