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Course on LGBT communication discusses inclusive action cases

Advertising campaigns on the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual and transvestite community carried out in a positive and negative way formed the theme that ended the course ‘Marketing and Communication as not stepping on the ball with LGBTs’. During the morning of Saturday, 28, the participants discussed the cases brought by the Paim Marcos Dantas Attendant.

To open the conversation, Dantas mentioned a statement made by the president of the pasta brand Barilla, Guido Barilla, in 2013, when he said he would never use same-sex couples in his advertisements. In response, at the time, the competitor Bertolli developed an action that promoted the union of homosexual couples. However, it was the only manifestation of the company, since, afterwards, it did not carry out any work directed at the public.

The brands of cosmetics Avon, Boticário and Natura were also examples. According to the announcer, the second was responsible for inaugurating campaigns with LGBT characters in 2015 with a video for Valentine’s Day, however, did not create any such work. Meanwhile, Avon and Natura have shown themselves, according to Marcos, solid examples of companies that have kept up their projects, often presenting questions about social minorities in videos and ads, such as in the films Dona deste belleza and Simpatia para tie love ‘.

In partnership with the journalist of the Institute Humanitas Unisinos (IHU) Vitor Necchi, Dantas reinforced the importance of seeking to build a personal legacy in Advertising, through actions that are inclusive. For him, courage is fundamental to propose guidelines and the search for knowledge is necessary to realize projects well done. The program ended with the message that more and more brands are bothering to support causes for social purposes, but that the result can take time to be seen.

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