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Crop Over festival promises to shake Barbados

The largest party in Barbados is just beginning and promises many attractions during the months of July and August. Crop Over is a super animated festival celebrating a 200-year tradition that honors the end of the sugar cane harvest. There are six weeks of parties and events where you can immerse yourself in Barbadian culture and know everything about its musical styles, crafts and gastronomy.

The main event, which celebrates the end of Crop Over, takes place on the first Monday of August every year and is called Grand Kadooment Day. A large street parade takes over the entire island from morning until after sunset , And revelers dance and revel behind sound cars and touring bars. Travelers and locals fantasize about vibrant clothes and the party has several similarities with the Brazilian carnival.

Before the big day, several other events take over the island throughout the month of July. There are literary and artistic workshops for the whole family, with lots of poetry, music and stories to inspire children’s creativity, to live shows on Barbadian beaches, music competitions, fairgrounds and markets filled with local delicacies, arts, crafts and Jewelry, and much entertainment for visitors.

The fun is guaranteed for everyone who participates in Crop Over. The whole island is partying and people from all over the world are also going to check out the festival, including celebrities and celebrities like Rihanna, the biggest star of Barbados, who constantly returns to her homeland to celebrate the date.

Barbados, besides having incredible natural landscapes, paradisiacal beaches and countless tours and attractions, is an island full of festivals all year round. It is well worth knowing the destination, be it the two, with the whole family, groups of friends or even venturing alone. There is so much to discover regardless of the type of traveler.

To get to the place, the airline Avianca offers two weekly flights, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, with connection in Bogota, Colombia.

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