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Every 48 hours a trans person is murdered in Brazil

Survey conducted by the National Association of Transsexuals and Transsexuals (ANTRA) shows that every 48 hours a trans person is murdered in Brazil. The shocking fact connects with the Non-Governmental Organization Transgender Europe that also says that Brazil is the region that kills transvestites and transgenders in the world.

Until December 24, 2017, 179 murders of transgender people, including transvestites, were recorded here. Only 10 of the cases involved trans men. The other 169 were made up only of transsexual women and the transvestites themselves.

Minas Gerais leads the list of more deaths, followed by São Paulo and Ceará. When speaking by population, Paraíba tops the list with 10 cases for every 2.5 million inhabitants.

The numbers still show growth compared to previous years. In 2016, for example, the number was 144 murders.

(with information from the site Capa)

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