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Ex-male model makes gender transition and is world-wide success

Do you know when you want to achieve success and do not understand why? Well, Eden Estrada, from Los Angeles, realized that this was only possible after assuming her true gender identity.

He, who worked as a male model, made the transition and today marches to major brands, even making photographic essays for “Vogue” magazine.

In the Daily Mail newspaper, Eden said she began her 20-year transition. “It was really strange, for me, to be a model before the transition because my body was not completely there. Now that I’m doing it, I feel incredible, “he said.

“My family at the beginning did not support me at all. It was sad, but I took some time and things are very different now,” he said, who grew up in a conservative religious house.

Today, Eden succeeds as a model and works to get her space as a social media and YouTuber influencer. “I’m not just transgender, I’m a normal 21-year-old woman who has to deal with a lot of other things. There’s so much more to being trans,” he concludes.

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