Fernanda Montenegro talks about rejection of gay character: “scandal”

Fernanda Montenegro will be in the next 21h novel, “The Other Side of Paradise”. In the plot, her role is that of a mystic woman always willing to help her neighbor with her advice. Outside the television, the profile of putting oneself in the other’s place integrates the personality of the artist. In choosing her roles, she reflects on the relationship of the plot with the outside world to the canvases.

So it is with the Mercedes of the novel that premieres on the 23rd, and it was so with Teresa, an elderly woman and homosexual in “Babylon” (2015), whose history awakens comparisons with the current plot of “The Force of Wanting”, for issues of sexual orientation. At age 87, the actress says against fundamentalism of opinion, echoes the plot of Gloria Perez and ventures on the non-acceptance of his gay role in the novel in which he made pair with Nathalia Timberg. The two, in fact, are scaled to the new leaflet.

“They accept the young man, but accept that two ladies in their 80s who may have an affair and still exchange a slight kiss on the mouth, was a wacky, inexplicable, frightening scandal. We think the world walks, but not! There is prejudice and it is not shown in older ages. They think, “Let’s leave it in your youth. Up to 40 years, it is bearable. Then, for God’s sake. Give a kiss on the mouth even though the couple has been married for 70 years? Do not do this shit! ”

The actress, who is adept at reading and does not give up her daily newspapers, says she has been frightened by the fundamentalism of opinions in the country:

“There is a disservice at the service of a strangely powerful political power. This is taking a frightening breadth to an absurdly reactionary world where only one concept is worth. The concept that brings alternation, deep down, in the background, [for them] should be killed, “says the mother of Fernanda Torres, emphasizing being in favor of freedom, but against radicalisms. “The grimace should have the right to be grimacing, to think and to want anything, but the fact of distinguishing the opposite in the face of a fact, a phenomenon or a human posture is frightening,” he adds.

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