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First formation of “Chiquititas” meets with newcomers in Teleton

This weekend the Teleton, charity campaign promoted by the SBT to raise funds for the AACD. Many artists participated in the program, and on Saturday (28) a great meeting happened: the original Chiquititas with those of the younger generation and Anitta, all dancing “Remexe”.

Presenting part of Teleton, Fernanda Souza recalled when Mili lived in the children’s soap opera and called her colleagues from the cast of the first version to the stage: Aretha Oliveira (Pata), Gisele Frade (Bia) and Francis Helena (Cris).

While the “original” Chiquititas were on the main stage, the actresses of the latest version of the novel were in the Teleton + studio (broadcast exclusively on the internet). It was then that everyone took the opportunity to dance “Remexe”.

And who was also there on the stage at that time was Anitta, who obviously realized a child’s dream and joined the Chiquititas to dance “move, move, move with your hands …”

saiba antes via instagram @revista.maisjr