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Football game will break taboo by getting athletes out of the closet

No supposedly gay player contests, today, the three main divisions of the Brazilian Championship. There is also no athlete out of the closet in the Champions League and the Libertadores of America. The main soccer simulation computer game will try to collaborate for a paradigm break, starting next year with the launch of Football Manager 2018.

Miles Jacobson, director of the game’s production company, said that from the next edition, players will decide to say openly that they are homosexual. “We know there are gay players, but we feel like they do not want to leave the closet. It’s crazy that in 2017 we’re still in a world where people can not be themselves, “he told the BBC.

The programming used by the game will not apply to real players as a way to avoid lawsuits. Only virtual athletes can randomly decide to leave the closet – the game creates hundreds of players each year, as if they came from the base categories.

But it’s still going to take a while. The game screen example presented by the game’s producer shows an Arsenal player revealing his homosexuality only in 2032.

The latest editions of Football Manager have been dedicated to real-world problems. In 2016, the simulator challenged Brexit, the possible exit from the United Kingdom of the European Union. This factor created problems for users who trained English League teams and tried to hire foreign athletes.

In Brazil – Nexo exemplified the problem of homophobia with three facts that occurred in Brazil in 2017: the CBF was fined four times by FIFA because of homophobic cries of fans in games of the World Cup Qualifiers; the fans of Paysandu became the first to be denounced for homophobia; and Vasco’s president, Eurico Miranda, said he was “deer” by confirming that players are not allowed to wear earrings.

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