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Former Corinthians player makes remarkably homophobic comment

The former player of Corinthians, the Argentine Tevez, in an interview with his country’s TV ran into an extremely homophobic comment. The footballer said that he takes his three-year-old son to the favela so he does not “dismantle”.

“He’s going to the Apache Furtee with me. It is small, still, but think: mother, sister, grandmothers … He is the only man. If I do not take him to the neighborhood with me to give him some taboos, he’ll dismember, “he said.

Then one of the presenters tried to ease the situation, but Tevez continued: “I take him to the neighborhood with me so he can develop with the kids there. For him to play ball. ”

The case is reverberating a lot in Argentina with supporters and critics of the speech.

saiba antes via instagram @revista.maisjr