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Funeral in the USA refuses to cremate gay body

The Picayune Funeral Home, Mississippi, refused to cremate Robert Huskey’s body (pictured below) because he did not “deal with his type.”

The death occurred in May 2016, and discrimination has now gained visibility in the press because the widower and Husky’s nephew John Gaspari are suing the Christian funeral home with the support of an LGBT group. Zawadski said he was shaken.

“Bob was my life, and I just could not believe it was happening in a time of pain and personal loss.”

Gaspari had to arrange for the cremation of the body at a funeral home 90 km from the town of Picayune, where the couple lived.

The funeral home denies that it was discriminatory, which is a pity, because if it were not so, it could explain the difference of the ashes of a heterosexual relative to those of a gay.

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