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Gal Gadot gives gay kiss on participation in “Saturday Night Live”

While gay kisses are still quite controversial and rare on Brazilian TV, in the United States they are more common in series, movies and shows in general.

Last Saturday (7), actress Gal Gadot, who played the heroine Wonder Woman in the film of the same name, was another to join the list of celebrities who have already kissed a gay TV.

The scene was aired on the comedy show “Saturday Night Live.” In a sketch, the actress, again incorporating the Wonder Woman, appears back to the island Themyscira, training with other Amazons.

Two lesbians, played by actresses Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant, arrive on the scene wondering if it’s a gay paradise. “I love all of my sisters. I find their bodies beautiful, but when I look at them, all I see is strength and power,” says Wonder Woman in the scene.

“Maybe I should kiss one of you to see if I feel anything,” he says, before kissing Kate McKinnon’s character. A petition that circulates through the internet, inclusively, wants that the heroine is portrayed like bisexual in the next films.

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