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Gay acreano enters court after motel kicks him out of suite

Acre exists, and not only does it exist that, there, an Acre gay will receive R $ 1,000 in compensation after being invited to retire from a motel in the capital Rio Branco. The reason? He would have circumvented the rules of the place by having sex in three in one of the rooms of the establishment.

Angry with embarrassment, he went to court against the motel and won the lawsuit. Who gave cause win was Judge Alex Oivani, who condemned the Jewelery Motel. When appealing the request for compensation, in the amount of R $ 28 thousand, the establishment did not prove that the expelled client was with two other people in the room.

In opening the process, the man justified having had private and disrespected sexual freedom. The Court of Justice of Acre (TJ / AC) has already issued a permit for the assessment of the amount to be paid to the client.

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