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‘Gay cure’ and censorship of art receive humorous responses in part

In a time of ephemeral emotions, art censorship and “gay cure” projects, the Jurubebas Theater Group resumes activities this Friday (6), with the second season of its youthful show: “Blue Room”.

Created in January this year, and presented in June, the show presents the beginning of the homosexual relationship between an office secretary and an independent artist, played by actors André Angeli and Felipe Jatobá (who also signs the direction and screenplay).

“When we think of the show at the beginning, it would have a heterosexual pattern, but love is valid for any sexual orientation, to what extent is not the idea of ​​love normative either? a woman, but love and affection are also valid for homosexuals, “commented Felipe Jatobá.

Kind of a humorous, critical and yet romantic response to the above questions, the play will always be presented at 8:00 p.m., every Friday in October, at Ateliê 23, located at 166 Tapajós Street, Centro . Tickets cost $ 10 (half-ticket) and can be purchased in advance at the ticket office.

“We come back now, four months after the first season, in an even more troubled and ripe period. Issues such as gay cure are political stances against the minority and our show represents these minorities, but more than a group political position , ‘Blue Room’ is an act of love in the midst of chaos, “said the director of the show.

The idea, according to Felipe Jatobá, is to bring the audience into the intimacy of the couple, who lives all the common situations of the beginning of a relationship, such as the first encounter, the first kiss, the first discussion, the first sexual intercourse, among others . Inspired by a true story, the interactive play also promotes its own vision of love and lets the audience contribute to the development of the narrative.

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