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Gretchen recalls Thammy’s gender transition: “hard to accept”

Gretchen was one of the guests of “Altas Horas” last Saturday (20) and recalled the period of discovery and transition of Thammy Miranda, her transgender son.

“It’s something that shocks. And at the beginning it is difficult to accept. But the moment you remember that the baby you made is your child, it does not matter what sex he has, “he said when answering the question of a mother who also has a trans child.

Gretchen also talked about the pressure Thammy had to undergo as her natural successor: “I was the daughter of a sexy symbol and everyone expected her to be my successor, but that does not matter. It does not matter if it’s him or her. It’s my son”.

The singer also recalled when she began to distrust sexuality and gender identity.

“I got her phone full of messages. I already suspected, but even she did not really know what was happening to her. It was difficult at first because a girl was born, she was raised with a girl … And soon she, who had a hair on her hip, shaved her head and said, ‘This is not what I am. I was born wrong, “he revealed.

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