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Half of transvestite deaths this year in MT were due to homophobia

According to a survey carried out by the State Department of Public Security (SESP), three of the six homicides of transvestites this year in Mato Grosso were motivated by homophobia. Of these, four people who committed the crimes, have already been arrested by the security forces. According to information from the Secretariat, the deaths occurred in Rondonópolis, Várzea Grande, Sorriso and Primavera do Leste.

According to the survey, three of these cases were motivated by homophobia, one was theft followed by death and the other by misunderstanding involving money and drugs.

Recently another transvestite was killed in Cuiabá. The case occurred in the Altos do Parque neighborhood, on October 11. In Rondonópolis, Valdinei Souza da Silva, 24, was presiated on September 25 accused of killing the transvestite Tabata Brandão. The suspect was found in a wooden shack in the neighborhood of Pedra 90.

Another prison was that of Thiago Marques, 28, on October 3, in the neighborhood of Osmar Cabral, in the outskirts of Cuiabá. He is suspected of killing run-down transvestite Natália Pimentel, 22. Natalia was killed on July 25, 2017, at a prostitution point, known as Zero Kilometer, located in Várzea Grande. The crime occurred after the victim refused to do sexual program for $ 17.

In Sorriso, 613 km from Rondonópolis, Cleverson Oliveira dos Santos, known as Zico, 28, was arrested by the Military Police on July 15, suspected of having been robbed. After being detained, the man confessed to having killed, on June 2, the transvestite Larissa Valverde, 24 years.

The transvestite was murdered with perforations in the back, which would have been caused by a screwdriver. The body was found in the parking lot of a supermarket in the central area of ​​the city.

Still in Sorriso, the transvestite known as Baiana was killed on September 6. She was found in the kitchenette where she lived with a knife in her face. A 15-year-old teenager was apprehended as a suspect. The murder would have occurred after a row over money and drugs.

In the municipality of Primavera do Leste, 106km from Rondonópolis, on April 7, the transvestite Bianca Gonçalves, 22, was the victim of robbery, robbery followed by death. Bianca was working with other transvestites at a prostitution point on the banks of MT-130 when the crime occurred. No suspects have been arrested so far.

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