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Hati Government votes measures and corner the LGBT community

Haiti has been heading the other way in the world and this week the country’s Senate has passed a resolution that prevents members of the LGBT community from obtaining documents in the country.

And not only that: parliament is debating law that prohibits and criminalizes same-sex marriage. The situation, denounced by activists of the LGBTI community in Port-au-Prince, still makes explicit that a senator of the country attributed the homosexuals the responsibility of “all the evil” that occurs there.

President of Kouraj, the only LGBTI rights organization in Haiti, Charlot Jeudy reported the complaint that the group has been suffering. “There are senators who openly express their homophobia, which is a clear attack on us. The entire Haitian community is worried about the latest attacks. The proposal to prohibit same-sex marriage is wasted time, since the law does not recognize this kind of union. Now what they want to do is criminalize it, “he said.

In recent years, political and religious leaders in Haiti have organized various protests against the LGBTI community and Kouraj herself has threatened to stop working openly.

saiba antes via instagram @revista.maisjr