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In a new novel by Aguinaldo Silva, Nazaré Tedesco will be trans

The success of the meme of the villain Nazaré Tedesco seems to have no limits. After raising and provoking a reissue of the novel Senhora do Destino (2004 and already passed in Vale a Pena Ver De Novo), the character gained a special role in the next plot of its creator, Aguinaldo Silva, with preview of the second semester of 2018. The novelty was given by the author himself.

“And to Nazaré? With the change of soap opera, does it come back or not? Of course it comes back,” the author said in a Twitter post. “I would not be who I am if I let my villain die for”, he added. “Come on, Nazaré!”, Aguinaldo finished. “Let’s turn that page of the poor transsexuals? I’m crazy to see a trans that is powerful and ready for damn.

In Lady of Destiny, the villain had a tragic ending when she jumped on a bridge after going through the whole plot with her evil deeds and, of course, becoming an icon of national teledramaturgy.

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