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In Londrina, police say homosexuals are being killed in ambushes

The deputy chief of the 10th Police Subdivision of Londrina, Osmir Ferreira Neves Júnior, admitted that five homosexuals were victims of a deadly ambush, which may have been facilitated by the use of these applications.

“It’s important to avoid encounters in dark, dark places and never check with people you do not know about. “reported the delegate to the newspaper Folha de Londrina.

He points out that these are cases that come to the attention of the police, but he says he believes the number of victims of robbery, blackmail and / or violence is much greater. For him, this type of crime is applied to both heterosexuals and homosexuals, and it is common for people not to issue a bulletin due to embarrassment. In addition, relationship applications make it easier for criminals to act.

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