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In Roraima, 18-year-old gay man is killed by stones on a soccer field

Hiago Nunes Trindade, 18, was found dead the morning of last Friday (3), at a soccer field located in the neighborhood Pricumã, west of Boa Vista, Roraima.

According to the Military Police, the victim was found by people who passed through the place, known as “Campo do Salada”, which is located on Bandeirantes Avenue. He would have been murdered with several blows to the head with a piece of wood and stones.

The Medical Legal Institute was activated to do the removal of the body. According to the organ, the victim suffered a head trauma due to the beatings and died instantaneously. There are still no suspects.

Although the family did not confirm, the president of Grupo DiveRRsidade, Sebastião Diniz, reported that the victim confessed to friends that he was gay and that the crime may have been motivated by intolerance.

“It has to be investigated, because it was a distinct crime. It’s not anyone who crushes a young man’s head with a stone, “he said.

If confirmed, this will be the third case of crimes committed against LGBT people in less than a month in the Capital. On October 22, a transsexual, 27, known as Stefany, was killed with 20 stab wounds by a public servant. The crime occurred at the Taumanan Orla in the Center.

On the same night, garbage collectors found a male body with at least 25 white-weapon holes in the sanitary landfill, rural area of ​​Boa Vista. He was gay too.

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