Inês Brasil publishes photo next to Jair Bolsonaro and is detonated in the internet

The internet did not welcome the comments of Inês Brasil in support of the pre-candidate for the presidency and current federal deputy Jair Bolsonaro (PSC). In a video, she supports the ideology of the parliamentarian, harshly criticized in the country.

A photo of her with Bolsonaro in the lobby of an airport began circulating yesterday (27) in social networks. And in the video, Ines says that from what she saw of the deputy, “he has nothing against gays”, and that no one can judge anyone, only God.

Bolsonaro agreed that she said: “Each one will be happy as they please and God to judge later.” On Facebook, Inês reported the meeting. “Today I stopped at the Airport of Campinas for the safety of Jair Bolsonaro for him to take a picture with me. I could have said no but I am in favor of love and when some respond with hate I respond with love and always respond, “said in a post.

The repercussion soon became negative criticisms of Inês, especially the LGBT community. “You signed your Flop contract. Gays will not forgive. Ms. Inês Brasil, you were BANIDA of the valley and will be condensed to live the hetero forever! “Said a follower. “Delete the photo that gives woman time. He would never stop you to hit ctg photo! Close wrong in mana? Less, “said another.

Some, however, defended Inês. “Gays who both talk about love, are now showing their hate speech, how much incoherence in? What respect do you both talk about? Accept that it hurts less, “published another follower.

See the video:

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