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Investigations discover love affair between secretary and president of the TCE of Rio

In Rio de Janeiro, telephone conversations revealed that a former secretary of Housing and Urbanism of Magé had an “intimate affective relationship” with the president away from the State Court of Accounts (TCE-RJ).

The situation was discovered thanks to an investigation by the Rio Public Prosecutor’s Office, which showed that the distant president, Aloysio Neves, knew about the corruption that was taking place in Detran de Magé. But one of the dialogues with André Vinicius Gomes da Silva, one of the inmates of the scheme, did not enter the Civil Police investigation.

And that is precisely what shows the connection between the two in a scheme that was headed by the former governor of Rio, Sérgio Cabral. According to the Public Ministry, André took advantage of the relationship with Aloysio and gained favor in the analysis of municipal accounts and contracts.

saiba antes via instagram @revista.maisjr