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Judge maintains decision on gay “reorientation” therapy for gay men

Judge Waldemar Cláudio de Carvalho, of the 14th Federal District Court, maintained his decision to allow, on a preliminary basis, that psychologists from all over the country can treat homosexual patients who seek help to perform “sexual reorientation” therapy, which was popularly known as gay cure.

The order today is a response to the appeal filed by the Federal Council of Psychology on 22 August against the decision of the judge in the popular action filed by a group of 23 psychologists who request the suspension of the resolution 01/99 of the Federal Council of Psychology, which prohibits the treatment of gays and lesbians. The World Health Organization (WHO) has no longer considered homosexuality disease for nearly 30 years in 1990.

In the order, Carvalho says that his decision proceeds, is based and that the normal rites of the process are followed. If he had retreated from his initial decision, the process would probably close.

The analysis of the merits of the appeal is under the care of the adjudicator Maria Cardoso, of the 8th Federal Court and is still awaiting the manifestation of the defense. Lawyer Leonardo Loiola, who represents psychologists, will meet with the adjudicator tomorrow at the end of the day to dispatch on the matter.

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