Kevin Spacey declares gay after accusation of harassment to minor

Faced with accusations that he had sexually assaulted actor Anthony Rapp when he was only 14, Kevin Spacey said he did not remember the situation but apologized through a Twitter posting. The star of “House of cards” still took the opportunity to make public his sexual orientation, revealing himself to be homosexual.

The case occurred 31 years ago. Anthony Rapp of “Star Trek: Discovery” told “BuzzFeed” that at age 14, he became friends with Spacey while working on Broadway. He said Spacey, then 26, invited him to a party in his apartment and, at the end of the night, intoxicated, laid him on his bed and lay on top of him. Rapp, now 46, said he managed to escape the situation and left.

“He was trying to seduce me,” Rapp said. After apologizing, Spacey, a two-time Oscar winner, said that while always trying to protect his privacy, he was encouraged to reveal the truth about his sexuality. By mixing the two subjects, Spacey has been criticized by Hollywood personalities.

“This story encouraged me to talk about other aspects of my life.I know there are stories about me going around, and some of them were fueled by the fact that I have always been careful about my privacy.As the people closest to me know I have had relationships with men and women.I have loved and had dating men all my life, and now I have chosen to live as a gay man.I want to deal with it openly and honestly, and it starts with me examining my own behavior “said Spacey, 58, on the social network.

Although he said he did not remember the episode reported by Rapp, Spacey apologized:

“I have a lot of respect and admiration for Anthony Rapp as an actor.I’m more than horrified to hear this story.I honestly do not remember this meeting, which must have happened more than 30 years ago.But if I behaved in the way he describes , I owe you the most sincere apologies for what would have been deeply inappropriate drunken behavior.I’m sorry for the feelings he reveals to have borne him for all these years. “

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