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Leaked! Check out the nude of Victor V, from MasterChef Brasil

For all that the fourth could not get any more lively than this way!

If you follow the MasterChef Brasil, you must have seen the ease of Victor Vieira, or Victor V, as it is called by jurors Erick Jacquin, Paola Carrosela and Henrique Fogaça. But we did not know he was good outside the kitchen. As?

Simply by the fact that a hot nude of the 34-year-old marketing director has fallen into the network. In the photo, he appears without shame exhibiting the suitcase. That we agree is very interesting. In social networks, surfers began to analyze the image.

And you’re thinking the bofe was shaken? That nothing. On Twitter, he laughed at the netizens’ comments. And you’re crazy to see, right? So take it and have fun. With such a need, I wanted him behind me while I cook … Ui.

saiba antes via instagram @revista.maisjr