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LGBT Council of Maceió repudiates behavior and speech of councilmen

The Municipal Council for Rights and Citizenship of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transsexuals, Transsexuals, Intersexals and all other identities of existing Genres of Maceió stated in a note that councilmen Ronaldo Luz (PMDB) and Alderman Samyr Malta (PSDC) preferred a speech of hatred against every LGBT community and classified their speeches as truculent acts.

All controversy involving the two parliamentarians began after councilman Ronaldo Luz stated in a speech in the City Council of Maceió that “homosexuality is a disease.” Already the councilman Samyr Malta (PSDC), said that “no one has the courage to impose limits” to the content of novels and reports. The parliamentarian said he was in favor of “incubated” people, who do not assume themselves to be “homosexual”, in an ode to the family, to morals and good manners.

The Council also pointed out that the municipal parliament has been based on personal precepts of Councilors to the detriment of their exemption for the exercise and fulfillment of the function granted to them by society in the Laic State, like the Bill that prohibits the discussion of called “gender ideology”, an expression coined by conservatism and attributed as “gay cause.”

“That said, we disagree that these are speeches such as those made by the City Councilors in Maceió that feed the roots of LGBTIFOBIA and hate, stimulating violence against LGBTI + population. We believe in a society based on respect for people and appreciation of diversity in all its aspects “.

POLEMICA – The councilman said that in Rede Globo it is shown that homosexuality is explicit. “I do not agree because it transmits to society what is not normal. Homosexuality, I consider it as a doctor, a disease, a pathology. I have the right to consider yes, “he said.

The doctor also said that homosexuality has its forms, being severe, moderate and mild, comparing the “disease” with hypertension. In addition, the councilman said he missed the time when homosexuals “hid to avoid embarrassing the family.”

Ronaldo Luz even said that the sons of the sugar planters who had the disease, turned priests to hide.

Finally, the councilman said that one should not hate, but that condemns and does not accept is to tell society that this is normal. “This is my vision, I have homosexual friends I would never condemn, but it is unfortunate for those who do that [referring to homosexuals],” he concluded.

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