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LGBT-themed show is canceled after protests and accusations of blasphemy

An LGBT-themed show was canceled after accusations of blasphemy on social networks. “Queermuseu – Cartographies of Difference in Brazilian Art” would be on display at Santander Cultural, in Porto Alegre, between August 15 and October 8.

With around 270 works by 85 artists dealing with LGBT themes, gender issues and diversity, the show that featured names such as Alfredo Volpi, Cândido Portinari, Clóvis Graciano, Ligia Clark and Leonilson was heavily criticized on social networks by locals, dissatisfied with the theme of the exhibition, which is curated by Gaudêncio Fidelis.

Among the publications that fell on the network, a video was based on article 208 of the Criminal Code to justify the “perversity” of the show: “To scorn someone publicly, because of religious belief or function; prevent or disturb religious worship ceremony or practice; publicly vilify public act or object of religious worship. ”

The post had more than 11 thousand shares and in a moment, someone shouts that Brazil is secular. According to Santander Cultural, which would house the exhibition, the work had been set up “to make us reflect on the challenges we must face in relation to issues of gender, diversity, violence.”

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