London subway will have gender-neutral language in ads

Transport workers in London were asked to stop using the phrase “ladies and gentlemen” in advertisements. The initiative is part of an effort to increase gender equality in the capital of Britain.

The rules book of the governing body for public transport in the city (TfL) indicated that “ladies and gentlemen” was the standard fulfillment. Now the new standard will be “Good morning everyone”. All pre-recorded announcements will be changed.

The move comes after Green Party equality spokeswoman Aimee Challenor said she had been “humiliated” during a tie with TfL. Aimee is a trans woman and heard that she “did not sound like a lady” on the phone. LGBT movements also pressured Mayor Sadiq Khan.

The move was well received by Aimee. “It’s these little things that can make a difference in people’s lives,” he said.