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Long “The Normal Heart” shows early moments of HIV / AIDS epidemic in the US

In the midst of celebrating the month of LGBTQ + pride, it is important to provide yourself with all possible knowledge. A great audio-visual entertainment tip is The Normal Heart.

The film addresses a difficult and painful period for the LGBTQ + community as it depicts the early moments of the HIV / AIDS epidemic in the US in the 1980s and shows how the community organized itself and how the issue was treated by society.

The Normal Heart gives an overview of how ordinary people have shaped the movements and communities in support of gay causes, especially in the 1980s, when the first gay pride marches had been held. It is still possible to visualize the distinction of public life from those who had publicly assumed their sexuality and those who did not. An important clipping is to be attentive to the fact that it is portrayed the life of white, middle-class men, a massively different reality in the reality of many LGBTQ +.

In the face of the loss of a friend to “Cancêr Gay”, Ned Weeks (Mark Ruffalo) joins Dr. Emma Brookner (Julia Roberts) to try to mobilize the gay community in action to counter the situation that was worrying. Ned gets the support of some friends and creates an association to support the gay community and seeks support from the press, the government and the gays themselves.

During the unfolding of the plot is portrayed the early discoveries of medicine regarding the HIV virus, formerly known as “Gay Cancer”. As it shows, the government’s discriminatory actions, marked by the lack of support and taxation of homosexuals. In the midst of all this, stories of people discovering they are infected with the HIV virus and how they deal with it with family and friends are displayed.

A critical critique of how the lack of information and support negatively affects the lives of people, especially when coupled with discrimination and neglect of society, is subtly raised. This is a contemporary issue for Brazilian society, which has two worrying episodes: the increase in the number of HIV / AIDS and syphilis cases in the young population – a larger number in the homosexual male population – and the lack of public policies on education and health that address Sexuality and LGBTQ + issues.

The Normal Heart, too, shows more intimate and personal aspects of his characters, such as Ned’s strong personality, love affairs, family, and gay friends. All this, at last aims to call attention to the most important fact, that LGBTQ + are human before anything and deserve respect, affection and support like any other person.

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