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“Malhação” will have homophobic villain

The actor Marcelo Arnal will enter into “Malhação” and promises to cause controversy in the skin of a homophobic villain. The novelinha will even portray homosexuality through Gabriel (Luis Galves).

Rafael, Arnal’s role, will disturb Galves’s character in the school environment. The gay boy will still find resistance in the home because of his sexual condition through the father Roney (Lucio Mauro Filho).

“He is a rich, spoiled boy who studies in the Group. We will address relevant issues, such as homophobia and bullying, “Marcelo told the Extra newspaper.

In addition to the debate on homosexuality and homophobia, the current season of “Malhação” also opened space for the relationship of Lica (Manoela Aliperti) and Samantha (Giovanna Grigio).

saiba antes via instagram @revista.maisjr