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Marco Pigossi will play gay serial killer in love with Cauã Reymond in a novel

“The Seventh Guardian”, novel that Aguinaldo Silva debuts for the 21 o’clock band at Globo, nor has it debuted yet and is already causing. In addition to promoting the return of Nazaré Tedesco (Renata Sorrah), Marco Pigossi must interpret in the history a gay serial killer that will end up falling in love with the personage of Cauã Reymond.

Daniel will be a cold man who will seduce men with the intention of murdering them. However, he knows Adriano (Reymond). Apparently he’s one of his victims, but his way will make him fall in love.

Aguinaldo says that gays do not like being treated in a controversial way and promises to break through this barrier.

“They do not like being treated biasedly, but they are. They think every gay has to be good, and it’s not like that. Before the genre, they are people, who can be good, bad … You have to break with these things, “he said.

“The Seventh Guardian” must debut in replacement of “Second Sun”, by João Emanuel Carneiro, who in turn will replace “The Other Side of Paradise”.

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